How To Keep Your Home As Good New
Thursday, May 19th 2022, 10:00 PM

Maintenance Tips For New Homes

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A home is the dream of almost every family. Most people invest a lot in terms of time and money to build their dream home. A custom home can be created to suit all the family's requirements. A home builder can craft homes that are beautiful and functional spaces as per each homeowner's needs. 

Yet, homes are an asset that is prone to wear and tear. A home builder might build the most beautiful custom home with materials of the highest quality, but it has to be maintained by the homeowner. Treo Signature Homes LLC in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, provides some useful tips to new homeowners that will help them ensure their homes stay beautiful. 

Tips to ensure well-maintained homes 

Keep Homes Clean

Cleaning is the first and most important step in keeping a home beautiful and in good condition. Vacuuming regularly to keep surfaces like floors, countertops, tubs, sinks, tiles, etc., free of dust and permanent stains. Fireplaces must be cleaned, and any loose mortar must be repaired, after use in winter. Routine deep cleans will reduce dust and mites and exposure to allergens. They also keep homes free of the hard water stains that can be so unsightly.

A Regular Maintenance Schedule

Regularity is key in cleaning and maintaining a home. And there is no better time to start than the beginning. Checklists can be made for the maintenance tasks that need to be done both inside and outside the house. Weekly, monthly, and seasonal task checklists will ensure nothing is missed. Daily chores might include cleaning countertops, running the dishwasher, and doing laundry cycles. Monthly tasks might include checking the HVAC system and ensuring it is clear of dust and debris, testing smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, inspecting home exteriors, cleaning the garbage disposal, etc. Different seasons may have different maintenance needs. For instance, summer may demand more attention to watering plants and foliage, while in fall, outdoor faucets and pipes may need to be insulated. Periodic inspection of roofs, maintenance of appliances and pipes, and checking gutters for clogs can help prevent a home from water damage.

Appliance Care

Ensuring all appliances in the home are in good working condition is necessary. Bi-annual checking of HVAC systems and regular cleaning, checking the sprinkler system, cleaning the dryer vents, flushing hot water out of the water heater to remove accumulated sediment, and cleaning the refrigerator and freezer coils are all important for safety and clean home. Checking electrical appliances and cords also helps prevent electrical hazards. A professional service can help with this. 

Maintain Curb Appeal

The property's first impression is influenced greatly by its curb appeal. It also has a significant bearing on prospective buyers if there is a plan to sell. Keeping grass short and fertilized, and maintaining flower beds, must be done according to seasonal variations. 

Ensure No Energy Leaks

Small cracks in doors and windows can lead to loss of heat, causing HVAC units to work more. Inspecting and maintaining a home to avoid this will save utility bills and make a home more energy-efficient. New homes can even be designed to be energy efficient.

Home Rules

It is better to have rules in place, like where food can be eaten. These can help, especially when there are children in the family. Making sure things are kept back in place, everyone cleans up after themselves, and children having age-appropriate chores go a long way in keeping a home neat. Ensuring spills are cleaned up or taken care of immediately and keeping messy games restricted to permitted areas can prevent damage to the house in the long run. 

Train Pets

Pets must be taken care of and provided with entertainment and exercise that prevent them from diverting energy into destructive activities. There are pet-friendly features that can be included in a custom home. A home builder will be able to help with these in the planning phase. House training pets to avoid carpets being soiled or damaged and having easy to clean floors would help.

Homes can be designed to be beautiful and functional. A residential construction expert like Treo Signature Homes LLC in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, can help in designing a home that is beautiful and with easy-to-maintain features incorporated. Such a reputable home builder will ensure that the best quality materials that are durable and last long, as good as new, will be used to build the best new home. Treo Signature Homes LLC can be contacted at (281) 389-0065 for residential construction needs in the Texas Hill Country.

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