Third generation custom home-builders crafting quality homes in Texas
Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 4:00 AM

Quality homes custom-built with a blend of rustic elegance and contemporary style

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Third generation custom home-builders crafting quality homes in the Texas Hill Country

Treo Signature Homes, LLC is a third-generation custom home builder and remodeling company. The owner takes great pride in his past, having been taught the importance of quality home construction from a very young age. The company strives to craft quality homes on time. Their strategy is to be prepared, enter the project with a firm timeline, and build a quality product in an exceptional time frame. They aim to use the best subcontractors throughout the process, even if hiring them from areas outside of Horseshoe Bay. Working only with the best trades and partners, Treo Signature Homes has a reputation for making the construction process fast and efficient.

Since the owner belonged to Horseshoe Bay originally, the trust factor is high. Their motto is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Coupled with their well-planned processes, this sets them apart from other custom home builders in the Texas Hill Country. Every client they work with is given individual attention. By the end of the five to six-month period during which the home is constructed, exceptional relationships are forged. Treo Signature Homes strive to make dreams a reality. Every home has an individual style crafted after deep discussions with the client. At Treo, it is a policy to create unique homes after listening to the client’s perspective.

Blending styles

When one speaks of Texas, the first thought is a ranch. One would rarely think of high-end homes with an eclectic blend of modern and contemporary with rustic and natural. Treo Signature Homes’ signature is the individualistic blend they create using indigenous materials from the area together with international styles. A trait that gives a distinctive character to each new home they build. 

The early settlers of the Texas Hill Country were German. Hence the architecture also had a Germanic flavor to it. However, Treo Signature Homes has fused the traditional with the modern, resulting in exclusive homes with distinct characters. 

  • Chula Vista - a modern take on the traditional Texas Hill Country style. Rustic, with Scandinavian design elements
  • Creek Lane - a Texan homestead designed like a resort. Using Zen concepts of architecture, this home has well-defined spaces that create balance and harmony. The simple, minimalistic yet luxurious style is relaxing and conducive to meditation.
  • Bowers Circle - a combination of stucco and stone. The no-frills, almost business-like interiors have a rustic elegance.
  • Whistle Stop - a blend of French Country architecture with Prairie School style
  • Brandy Wine - modern and rustic, wood and metallic gold merge to give this home an ageless quality
  • Apache Tears - modern elegance with some vintage fittings 
  • Amethyst - tastefully plush interiors which complement the Southwestern exterior. Dynamic design and decor
  • Pecan Creek - another designer home with clean lines and Scandinavian design. A bright, well-lit home with lots of natural light.

One of the remodeling projects of Treo Signature Homes, called Island Drive, speaks volumes for the creativity and innovative design that has become synonymous with their name. Trendy and modern with throwbacks to the traditional, this home showcases the talent, vision, and synergy with which Treo Signature Homes brings fruition to their client’s aspirations.

Best Custom Home Builder

Because of their integrity, Treo Signature Homes are the best custom home builders in the Texas Hill Country area. Their commitment to building quality homes shows in their process-driven, open approach, inspiring confidence in their clients. They set high standards for themselves and make sure that they adhere to them without compromising the quality. If you are looking for a trusted home builder in the Texas Hill Country to build your dream home, call Treo Signature Homes at 281-389-0065.

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Treo Signature Homes • Exceptional Custom Home Builders • Horseshoe Bay TX

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At Treo Signature Homes, we build each home like we would build our own. By following the Golden Rule--do unto others as you would have them do unto you--we've learned that the fastest path to success is not through talking, it's through listening.


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Treo Signature Homes • Exceptional Custom Home Builders • Horseshoe Bay TX

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