Child-Friendly Home Design Ideas
Tuesday, March 1st 2022, 1:20 PM

Design Ideas to Make Homes Child-Friendly Spaces

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Whether designing a new home or renovating an existing home, families with children opt for child-friendly designs. A home is where families raise their children and create memories of a lifetime. Families approach custom home builders to develop family-friendly dwellings, in which child-friendly elements are of prime importance.

Children and their toys and accessories will never be confined to their bedrooms or a playroom. This is something parents must acknowledge and accept. Treo Signature Custom Homes, based in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, discusses some child-friendly home design ideas useful for families with young children. A child-friendly home considers the safety of children, the durability of materials used, functionality and appeal to children, etc.

Open Floor-Plans

Open floor-plans foster multifunctional spaces that allow light to be distributed better across the home. Open-plan kitchen, dining, and living areas allow parents to monitor children while engaging in other tasks. This also gives a spacious feel to the house.

Open floor plans can be made to feel less cluttered by creating zones. This can be done by varying ceiling heights or placing screens or furniture to provide intimacy without walls.

Kitchen Design

Kitchens can get messier and more chaotic with little children around. A breakfast corner might be helpful to keep all the morning routine essentials (toaster, coffeemaker, kettle, etc.). This makes storage more accessible and the rest of the space tidier.

Marble and natural stone are easily stained. They can be replaced by composite quartz and resin or laminate materials that are easier to maintain and durable. Custom home builders can provide suitable alternatives.

Cabinets with push-to-open drawers or doors can be better to limit children from opening them. Designing storage so that there are some cabinets at a comfortable level will help children access snacks independently. This promotes independence while allowing parents to control what snacks are available and what quantities of them.

Appliances can be installed at a height that keeps them away from very young children to be safe.

Living Rooms

Sharp-edged furniture can cause injury to small children. Rounded or curved designs are safer and are in style this year. Multipurpose furniture that acts as storage also provides much-needed space for the avalanche of toys. Instead of fabric couches, leather or spill-proof upholstered couches are easier to clean. Fixed cushion sofas eliminate the need to pick up cushions a million times. They also don’t slip off and cause falls. Keeping the television mounted, securing furniture to prevent them from toppling, and childproofing dangerous areas is essential for households with young children.


A separate mudroom limits outdoor dirt from footwear and sporting equipment away from the rest of the house. It can be planned according to the family’s requirements.


A separate wet zone will help keep the floors drier. Shower bath combos can be a fall hazard for children and the elderly. Keeping them different loos better and is safer. Larger bathroom tiles will have less grout to scrub. A dark grout for the bathroom floor helps mask dirt better. A resin-based grout will be more durable.


Durable material like vinyl flooring is suitable for homes with little children. The best flooring options can be discussed with the residential construction experts. Carpets can be avoided as they can get dirty and be challenging to clean, which might harbor allergens. Smaller rugs are easier to clean and change if needed.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Storage can never be too much in a house with children. This should be intelligently blended with the aesthetics and multifunctional if possible. Storage must be available in the bedrooms, kitchen, or living areas.

Colorful and Joyful Spaces

Homes should please children too. Even if not going overboard, pops of color with accent furniture, or furnishings, can brighten up rooms. Adding different textures can make it appealing for children. If possible, children can choose colors, decor, or themes. Exhibiting their art and creations brings children a sense of accomplishment. This also adds to the look of the home.

Homes are no longer just child-proofed; they must be child-friendly too. Homeowners must keep in mind that the needs of children change as they grow. They must plan homes accordingly so that some spaces can be repurposed. Discussing the specific requirements of new construction homes or renovation with home builders will be beneficial. They might provide information on sustainable materials and options that suit the region. Treo Signature Homes are custom home builders with a wealth of craftsmanship who help build exceptional homes. They look into all client requirements with utmost attention to give them results that exceed their expectations. You can contact them on (281) 389-0065 for custom home building and remodeling services in Texas Hill County. 

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