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Wednesday, February 9th 2022, 2:25 PM

Top Home Design Trends For 2022 Shared By Treo Signature Homes

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It is said that the only thing predictable is unpredictability. In a world where everything is so interconnected, trends are fueled by uncontrollable factors. This holds for fashion, food, music, and home designs. Though geographical requirements, economic conditions, and cultural practices do determine a lot, home designs are also influenced by other factors. For example, the pandemic changed the expectations people had from homes. Technology and global design trends are reflected in homes all over the world.

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2021 ended with the emergence of a variant-fueled resurge of the pandemic. The impact on the supply chain and consumer behavior has affected home design trends. Treo Signature Homes based in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, assures custom homes that exceed expectations. They focus on designing functional homes that reflect an individualistic style. Here they list some of the design trends that industry experts are predicting for 2022.

1. Go Green!

The color of 2022 seems to have been a unanimous decision by designers and major paint companies. And it is green. This might be a way for homes to stay connected to nature. As the pandemic restricts outdoor activity and travel, a palette of green, whether olive, sage, or emerald, brings nature in. Some designers predict that muted natural colors that are calming will influence the design and home decor. These include dark browns, sky and ocean blues, sandy beiges, and white shades. Gray as a neutral option is being replaced by warm, earthy tones like cream or taupe, especially for decor and furniture.

2. Curves Are The Way To Go

Furniture is becoming more curved, with softer silhouettes rather than the sharp-lined angular outlines. There is more focus on harmony between function and form. Curved lines also look softer and more organic, and so again, a way of imbibing nature indoors. Sofas, walls, and mirrors are expected to gravitate to curved lines this year.

3. Sustainability Is The Way Forward

Sustainability is something that most homeowners are incorporating. Homeowners who are renovating or building custom homes all want more windows. More natural light is seen as a healthier and more sustainable choice. Homeowners are also getting more conscious and looking for innovative products that are designed sustainably. This outlook is reflected in everything from the choice of flooring to the use of technology to build green homes. Designs will focus on reducing energy consumption and water usage. More people are also choosing locally made furniture and sustainable materials for their homes.

4. Texture Love

A mix of textures adds layers even to basic neutral palettes. Soft fabrics and woven furniture will add warmth and make spaces more inviting. Textured walls created by craftsmen, like with antiqued surfaces, will be in vogue. Sleek finished and clean-lined furniture is giving way to more textured furniture. Reeded and cane furniture are used as an elegant choice to portray organic form, texture, and nature.

5. Multiuse Spaces

After COVID, designers and custom home builders are seeing a rising demand for multifunctional rooms. The need for quiet office space and rooms that do not distract from learning is common. Rooms that can transition into home offices, workout spaces, or guest rooms top the list. The kitchen is also designed as the hang-out spot. Kitchens now serve as the new workspace, a buffet spot when entertaining, and the dining area for family evenings.

6. Indoor-Outdoor Living

Just like indoor spaces are being designed to incorporate the colors and textures of nature, outdoor spaces are being designed for more comfort and fun. With many seeing outdoor spaces focal to their wellbeing, the investment in exterior spaces of new construction homes is going up. Patios, pools, outdoor kitchens, and firepits are all given priority by homeowners. Natural decor pieces, indoor plants, and measures to improve air quality indoors will all continue in 2022.

7. It is Personal

With families spending more time than ever at homes, the need for homes to be spaces of comfort that reflect the owners’ personality is more than ever. No matter what trends say, a home should combine the comfort and individual style of its owners. This is what the best custom home builders aim to achieve.

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These are some of the trends expected in 2022. Homes are the havens of families. It is where they find comfort and rest, beauty and inspiration, and create happiness and memories. Treo Signature Homes is a third-generation custom home builder and remodeling company that understand this. They help realize the dream of a new home or remodeling within a time frame, with no compromise to quality. Treo Signature Homes has been building homes in Texas Hill County since 1997 and can be reached on (281) 389-0065.

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